Used Car Dealerships – How I found my

Finding a Used Car Dealership

When I decided to move to the other side of the city, most people thought it was funny that I was acting like I was completely leaving town. It’s true, I was only one zip code over. But when I got the new job, I lost the opportunity to hop on the subway and be at work in 20 minutes. No more running out the door a half hour before I had to be in the office. I was going to have to commute to work by driving myself.

Now, this isn’t really a big deal. I mean, a lot of people drive to work. But I’d spent most of my 20s being spoiled by close proximity to the subway. I never drove anywhere. In fact, I didn’t even own a car. Financially, my budget was fine. What I would now need to spend on a car payment was less than what I was spending on rent in my new place so I knew I’d be okay. But I didn’t want to shell out a bunch of money for a new car.

So, I visited all the used car dealerships around the city, which I found on My biggest fear was that I’d buy one and then, like, the next day see one that I liked even more on a different lot. I’m pretty sure I knew about all the used cars for sale in the city at that point in my life. Eventually, I found a car that I had to have. And, of course, it was one of the used cars at the very first dealership I went to. Eh, what are you gonna do, right? Which ended up being a Toyota corolla of all things.

Now that I have my new-to-me used car, I have to say, I love it! It’s so much easier to bring home groceries when you have a trunk to stow them in instead of getting everything in little bits at a time so you don’t take up too much room on the subway. And I actually took a roadtrip with some friends this weekend and, for the first time in my life, I drove. I never got to do that before!

It’s also really nice not to have to beg for rides all the time. I don’t think any of my friends cared all that much, but I do like not having to ask. Basically, my new used car just reinforced that I made the right call when I decided to move.

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Different Services From Different Tulsa Electricians

Tulsa Electricians

I’ve had a lot of work done on my home over the past ten years. Everything that would ever need to be fixed, has been repaired or replaced. Every addition to a home you can think of, I’ve had. I’ve had an attic conversion, two extensions, etc. I’ve even had one room in my house converted into a pretty sweet music studio.

I’m a builder and carpenter by trade which means not only do I know how to do most of this myself, but I also know where to get the best materials for the best price, where/who to hire additional workers, etc.

I know the building game. No-one is going to be pulling the wool over my eyes and giving me shoddy service for exorbitant prices. Like I’ve said, I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve seen everything there is to be seen.

Though, saying all of that, there are a few things that I’m either unskilled at or unconfident with. The main one being anything electrical. I can do the most basic of basic tasks when it comes to doing electrical work and I have done a few things myself, but for the most part, this is something that I outsource to others. I know enough to know how dangerous it can be to attempt this kind of work myself without the proper skills and experience.

So whilst I’ve saved a ton of money on most of my home improvements, I’m happy to pay top dollar for top notch electrical works. I know all the best electricians Tulsa and know who to hire for specific jobs. Some companies do do some facets of the job better than others so it’s always good to mix and match electricians.

I’ve had one company that upgraded my wiring system, which was completely outdated, but then hired a separate company to set up my security system. This Tulsa electrician company installed my fire/smoke alarms, burglar alarm, CCTV system.

It’s worth getting to know which companies specialise in what, and to use those companies rather than a generalist electrical company that doesn’t have specific knowledge and experience.

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Had to find who has the cheapest auto insurance

When my husband got laid off, I wasn’t sure what we were going to do. We had a little bit of savings but not enough to take us through more than a month or two before we’d find ourselves in trouble. I decided that, in addition to picking up overtime, I’d try to cut back as much as I could.

Basic things were easy. I stopped shopping at the midrange grocery store and went to the discount place. I was actually really impressed with what I found there. We used to have pizza night every Friday and get delivery from our favourite little place in town but now we make our own pizzas at home for a third of the price.

I cancelled the cable, which was really hard to do but ended up saving a lot of money. I turned the thermostat down a few degrees and we piled on the heavy socks and blankets at night, which made a pretty big difference in our gas bill.

The best thing I did, though, was take a look at our car insurance. I had never stopped to wonder who has the cheapest auto insurance before. I mean, I’ve been with the same company since I got my first car when I was 18 and just assumed I was getting a good deal. It wasn’t long until I discovered I was actually getting a pretty bad one.

I looked around at different companies and was able to find a policy that offered almost the exact same coverage that we already had for a lot less money ( I found it here:, also not a bad website: I decided to go with full coverage auto insurance, just incase something happens we need the best insurance.

Between all the cuts I’d made and the OT, we were able to make it through the three months my husband was unemployed.

The best part is when he did find a job, he was making significantly more than he was before. That extra income combined with all the ways I’d figured out how to save money put us in a pretty good place financially. We ended up paying off most of our debt in his first year back to work.

I also got a promotion! My boss saw me putting in all the extra time and liked what I was contributing. I almost couldn’t believe it. In a way, my husband losing his job was one of the best things that ever happened to us! Though it sure didn’t seem like it at the time.

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